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Really Good!

I love VgCats, and to see someone actually manage to animate it very well is brilliant! The animation has allot of hard work into it, and I hope to see VgCats rise up as the best Web-comic, and the best flash series on Newgrounds. I would love to see more. :D


This was hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing... multiple times! Good Job!!!
By the way, your Sprite Animator skills are remarkable.

ToshiroHayate responds:

I appreciate that! Though I'm no where near remarkable. I'm still a complete novice at flash. Glad you enjoyed the flash!


It has that great style like in that show on G4 called Code Monkeys, this was pretty fun to watch, even though the zombies were Creepers.

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The gameplay is unique and the voice acting was hilarious! I think I loled so hard that my ribs are in "my" eyes. A cheeseburger for you sir!

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The sound was nearly perfect, but I feel the guitar was a bit too loud at some points.

Very Nice

It reminds me a little bit of Final Fantasy, there is definitely a sense of mystery there. I love how you transition the music into different stages.

meedeamastar responds:

Unfortunately, I haven't been lucky enough to play final fantasy, so i'll take your word for it. Thank you for the review.

My ears are Happy

I can listen to this for hours, this is really good!

Wolfonite responds:

Thank you kindly, glad I could please your ears.

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Damainaid here, I've sifted through your art and... I can't say I really have any criticism. It's all very simplistic, consistent, and well done. I'm by no means a critic at all, but if I had to say at least One thing, it'd be to keep pushing with this style to see what comes from it down the line. c:

This is madness!

I love the new character, and the costume fits perfectly.. but there is something in the back of my head telling me this could be Hank?

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